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Saturday Morning Training

Saturday Morning Training

More training in the sunshine with the Wash U club. Sofia makes the most of her guillotine choke on Katherine.


Training at Wash U

It was a beautiful day for our morning training session at Wash U today.

Photo of students jogging at Wash U

Photo of students training at Wash U

George Bellows at the National Gallery of Art in DC

“I am just painting two men trying to kill each other” said Bellows.

Snow Day

There was snow on the ground this morning, but the Wash U club trained anyway.

Club members after training in the snow

Survivors' Photo: Katie, Sofia, Sharon - plenty of grit here!

First Aid

I was buying some new supplies for our first aid kit tonight. Next person to get scraped up at the Wash U club is getting one of these…

(Also, we have more alcohol swabs, athletic tape and neon stretchy bandage.)

Random Training Pictures

Here are a few photos from a recent FSRI (Missouri) training session.

Photo of a man jumping rope in front of a heavy bag.

Chris hits the jump rope. (Photo credit: Anais Miller)

Balance training with Jon. (Photo credit: Anais Miller)

Bob dancing with the heavy bag. (Photo credit: Anais Miller)

Study looks at why second ACL surgeries fail

Apropos of our current “Injury Comeback Story“, this new study will examine the reasons 2nd ACL surgeries are more likely to fail.