The Fight Sciences Research Institute is a collective of experienced martial artists who are interested in adapting practical fighting and self protection skills to the types of violence that an individual may experience. FSRI classes are designed to prepare each individual to best use his or her individual attributes to survive the difficult and dynamic environments of violent encounters, or avoid them entirely if possible.  Striking, grappling, mobility, escape, and affective skills are explored in relation to specific scenarios in which they may be useful. FSRI also incorporates athletic-quality conditioning to enhance students’ physical attributes, and to mitigate the potential for chronic injuries and movement dysfunctions associated with practice of fighting arts and sports.

FSRI organically developed out of The Karate Research Institute (TKRI), a functional karate based organization. In response to the needs of our students we carefully re-examined our pedagogy and practice and found that our goals exceeded any single martial art. Ongoing research in the fields of sports science and psychology, the psychology of combat, contemporary pedagogical theory, historical and contemporary fighting arts, and the fields of personal combatives and self defense training have all influenced our methods and culture. Our individual members  have professional backgrounds in the fields of  education, psychology, personal fitness training and Human Movement science, all of which influence our collective approach. FSRI is committed to reason-and evidence-based approach as opposed to canned syllabi, and  it is a part of our mission to update our beliefs and practices in response to compelling evidence. This is an ongoing process.

Regular classes for adults are held in St. Louis MO and the Ferrum, VA areas. New students are accepted on a case by case basis.

St. Louis area- contact rjmiller42@att.net  for information

Southwest Virginia area- contact remsimpson@gmail.com for information

VA Club schedule:

Tuesday: 7-9:00 pm

Thursday: 7-9:00 pm

Saturday- 9:30-11:30 am


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