DIY Coffee Can Dumbbells

Metal dumbbells can be expensive, often running above$1 per pound. Consider this alternative:

Concrete + recycling bin = a set of 10 pound ergonomic dumbbells

The handles on the coffee can are perfect for sliding the fingers into, so you can work on finger/hand strength, catches, pinch grips, etc. When puring the concrete, make sure the inner hollow  of the handles gets filled  for a stronger sashi and more weight.  Putting a piece of rolled up hardware cloth or chicken wire in the center of the container before pouring the concrete in will keep the concrete from cracking over time. Depending on how far you fill it, you’ll get a 9-1o lb. weight. Adding a metal weight or dense rock to the middle of the pour will result in a heavier dumbbell- experiment, these coffee containers are plentiful at your local recycling drop off…









One response to “DIY Coffee Can Dumbbells

  1. Great. You’ve just saved me another 10-15 pounds off my luggage on my trip home from Okinawa. Still trying to figure out how to smuggle my tetsu geta back. May just have to wear them on the plane 🙂

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