Links Related to the Q- Angle

It is not hard to find people referring to the Q-angle in discussions of sport related injuries and conditioning. Here are a few helpful online resources that explain what the Q-angle is, how it relates to knee injuries, and that give a little information related to leg conditioning to prevent injuries.

The “Q” Angle from Sports Injury Clinic. net


What is the Q angle?
The Q angle is an important predictor of biomechanical abnormality throughout the lower limb. It is a measurement of the angle between the Quadriceps (Rectus Femoris is usually used) and the patella tendon. This provides useful information about the alignment of the knee joint, which if outside of normal ranges, can be a precursor for overuse injuries.

“The Q-Angle and Injuries in Women Athletes” from About.Com.


Women are more prone to several sports injuries than men based simply on biomechanical differences. One such difference is a wider pelvis in women then men. Many sports medicine experts have linked a wider pelvis to a larger “Q” (Quadriceps ) Angle – the angle at which the femur (upper leg bone) meets the tibia (lower leg bone).

Knee Injuries and the Female Athlete from the site.


Knee injuries, especially tears of the anterior cruciate ligament, are becoming more common in female athletes. Interest in woman’s athletics at the college and professional level has changed the face of sports. Greater participation has heightened appreciation of health and medical issues specific to the female athlete. Studies comparing male to female susceptibility to injury of the anterior cruciate ligament have shown women to have considerably higher rate of injury.


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