DIY Weight Vest

Commercially available weight vest: $50-200

Homemade version: a trip to the garage and the goodwill store


The vest is a fishing tackle vest, and the weights are some scuba weights I had laying around. The weights shown on the vest fit into the front pockets and add up to 24 lbs. The cylindrical weights can be added to the back panel pocket for an additional 6 lbs.  Just when you thought push ups, dips and pull ups were getting easy…


6 responses to “DIY Weight Vest

  1. Great idea!

    I’m not sure how many would have scuba weights hanging around though. Any other suggestions for weights?

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  3. Eric,

    I’ve run across the suggestion of using Ziploc bags full of sand (in measured increments) to fill duffels for sandbag training, so I don’t see why that couldn’t work in a weight vest. The shot bags in the pic are convenient because they’re not rigid, and can squeeze into pockets, which sand would also do. I don’t know the going rate for bulk quantities of steel ball bearings or BB shot, but if they’re cheap, bags filled with those might be a good option too.

  4. Sounds perfect. One could probably make up a bunch of them in different weight increments and I suppose it would probably be good idea to reinforce the bags with some duct tape.

    Good old duct tape.

  5. Don’t know where I’d be without it!

  6. What a great idea.

    I love the feeling of kicking after finishing a set of reps with the tetsu geta (metal clogs).

    Bet you’d feel light as a feather after training with that vest on 😉

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