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Motivating and Nurturing Students

I am always inspired when I see good teachers and coaches that understand and respect the interdependent nature of their relationship with their charges. Those that inspire and motivate while demonstrating a healthy respect for the challenges of daily life faced by their students, and their basic humanity always make me want to be a better instructor. In that vein I offer the following video:

Then again these guys are from Wall Street, so…


Tiger vs. Chicken

One of those random internet finds that really spoke to me:


Another Dead Makiwara, pt. 2

RIP, Ude Makiwara 1.0. Felled by a roundhouse kick in the prime of life. I put this thing in the ground roughly four years ago, and aside from the fungal growth around the bottom  it held up pretty well.  I learned more from this thing about how to actually hit than from anything else. Fortunately, I just happen to have a fresh log on hand for 2.0…

Season's Beatings!

If you’re going to be naughty, make sure the Man isn’t around:

Linked Video: Karate In Living Color

Every now and again I find myself laughing out loud about a clip  that Jim Carrey did while he was still on “In Living Color” (which was highly underrated if you ask me). It’s spot-on and that’s why it’s so damn funny- but it’s also slightly depressing, because it’s a reminder that there are a lot of people out there who are this guy and take it seriously.

“Like most beginners, you attacked me wrong.”

They teach the advanced stuff early …


Tai Chi: You Don't Want None of This

Think Tai Chi is just for your grandma? This brutal fight may make you think twice. Don’t sit too close to your monitor- the chi in this clip is so intense it could leave you crippled and babbling gibberish for the rest of your days.

Brutal fight between Tai Chi masters