Motivating and Nurturing Students

I am always inspired when I see good teachers and coaches that understand and respect the interdependent nature of their relationship with their charges. Those that inspire and motivate while demonstrating a healthy respect for the challenges of daily life faced by their students, and their basic humanity always make me want to be a better instructor. In that vein I offer the following video:

Then again these guys are from Wall Street, so…


2 responses to “Motivating and Nurturing Students

  1. I remember training at North County Boxing gym when I was in college, it was not intended for white collar types, but the coaches and other people who were there treated me ok. I don’t think the gym even had a phone line, nor was it even in the phone book!

    Here is some footage of that gym, not exactly Bally’s fitness but it kept me in shape while figuring out how to finish that senior thesis (and now I am figuring out, four

  2. kyokushin8898

    The responsibility a teacher has to his student is one of the deepest and most important relationships in the world; second only to perhaps parenting.

    Great post.

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