Individualism and Cruelty

You know, people say Americans don’t care to learn about the world outside their borders, but some bright spark at the Tuscaloosa News in 1981 thought that the people of Alabama needed to know what was going on with karate in Soviet Russia.


2 responses to “Individualism and Cruelty

  1. Black Belt Magazine covered Soviet/Russian karate and its banning in the following issues:

    May 1973, pg. 12
    July 1979, pg. 17
    May 1980, pg. 57
    April 1981, pg. 12

    You can search the Issues of Black Belt all the way to the beginning here:

    Here is a documentary in Russian about this:

    History of Russian Karate (in Russian)

    Using Google Translate I found the following
    During the reign of Andropov in the Penal Code was introduced by addition to Article 219, which provided for imprisonment for up to five years for teaching karate.
    From a legal point of view, Section 219 of ca. RSFSR Criminal Code nominally forbade not karate, but the illegality of his teaching. Here are just a way to provide legal education authorities forgotten. Or just do not want to. Representatives of the KGB one thing was clear: the mass enthusiasm for the martial arts is a threat to the totalitarian state. The term refers to any karate styles and schools of martial arts. With different formulations were arrested Valery Gusev – master of Chinese kung fu, Alexei Shturmin – creator of the Karate Federation, Tadeusz Kasyanov – stunt in the film Pirates of the 20 th century.

    Also how the Russians wished to kill Mao Zedong (in Russian):

  2. Not to mention that karate was practiced by Soviet military and security forces- by KGB, infantry, Airborne troops, special forces, MVD (Internal police forces), so there was a reason to suppress karate training.

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