Video Link: 1947 “Judo Jymnastics”

One from the vaults:

Just another good reminder of two things:

-there really isn’t much new under the sun when it comes to fighting techniques and “mixed martial arts”

-although there is some camp involved in the demonstrations,  proper leverage against a joint’s weak angles can go a long way- and it’s good to have some contingencies in store if a go-to technique fails.

Coincidentally, the guy looks a lot like one of the assistants from Jack Dempsey’s 1942 combatives manual, “Fight Tough,” and I love her liberal use of the heels…


4 responses to “Video Link: 1947 “Judo Jymnastics”

  1. I find that woman extraordinarily sexy.

  2. Oh man, an oldie but a goodie! You think this woman might be Sarah Connor’s grandma?

  3. Even Russian sambo used Kodokan judo as a basic template for its development- here is a clip from 1920s-30s? showing Russian sambo with women’s self defense in the very beginning.

    It seems at that time period pretty much in the West pretty much everyone was training the same jujutsu methods and tricks (with the exception of Savate)- I have looked at manuals from Germany, Hungary, the USA, even Moshe Feldenkrais’s jujutsu manual from the 1930s in Hebrew- they show the same techniques over and over again.

    For more old martial arts/combatives footage but goodies, check out


    here is some rare footage IN COLOR of WWII Rangers training in hand to hand combat: (Rifle-Bayonet) (later it shows use of bladed weapons)

    Also check out:

    Japanese military manuals of bayonet, sword fighting translated into English: – .

    People’s Republic of China Reconaissance Scout Training- shows kungfu with armored sparring!
    Part One

    Part Two

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