FSRI Video: Throws, Pins & Escapes

The Virginia FSRI group has been learning this throw (basic hip spiral/o-goshi) and reviewing falling skills for the last few weeks. The clip shows some different semi-open randori exchanges designed to integrate it with related pin/escape skills.  Continual role switching makes it a bit more challenging and dynamic, but within an environment that’s still conducive to some experimentation (from the 4/7 VA class).


4 responses to “FSRI Video: Throws, Pins & Escapes

  1. Great video. I like the multiple angles and the differences in size that are demonstrated.

    Personally if I were execute a hip-throw and NOT run away at that point (street situation, not dojo sparring) then I’d hold on to one arm and go for the armbar. Or roll him on his belly and break his arm if he posed further threat.

    (all hail the keyboard warrior! lol)

  2. Great vid. I love the multiple angles and showing different body types and genders.

    If it were me, and on the street, I’d probably have held on to the guys arm and gone for an armbar (if I didn’t immediately run away). That way I wouldn’t be tied up on the ground and vulnerable to the counter that you demonstrate at the end of each example.


    • Thanks Brett. The goal of these sequences was to give folks some experience of transitioning between the dominant position and the escape position, with the overall goal for whoever is in the disadvantageous position being escape to standing. Armbars, chokes and whatnot will be integrated into the sequences soon though, so keep an eye out!

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