Resource Links: Recommended Trainers and Recommended Fighting Arts

You may have noticed a few changes as we’ve revamped our blog. One of these is an expanded links section (see sidebar), which now includes categories for Recommended Trainers and Recommended Fighting Arts. The goal of these links is to put readers into contact with individuals and groups that can help them to put some of our conditioning/training topics and research into practice.

The Recommended Trainers category is a listing of fitness professionals that we recommend based on several factors:

  • they utilize up to date, evidence-based best training practices
  • they hold nationally accredited certifications, degrees & relevant credentials in the field (CSCS, NASM, NESTA, ACSM, ATSU HM MS, etc.)
  • they have trained extensively in a fighting art or sport, or have worked extensively with particular fighting arts and sports populations
  • they can provide high quality, activity-specific injury prevention and performance enhancement programming specific to the various fighting arts and sports

These Recommended Trainers are listed by the state that they work in so that readers from around the USA can find FSRI-recommended fitness professionals to help them to enhance their training. Rest assured that we will not endorse any trainer who does not meet our standards.

The Recommended Fighting Arts category contains links to groups, clubs and instructors that meet our criteria for high quality fighting arts practices:

  • the stated goals of training are realistic and achievable (relative to an athletic or self-protection context)
  • the stated methods for achieving those goals are based on sound concepts that are supported by anatomy & physiology, psychology, pedagogy, the nature of violence, and related fields
  • the goals can realistically be developed through the stated training methods
  • the group or instructor prioritize common sense, practical training, evidence-based practice and the development of the student over organizational hierarchies, unsubstantiated opinion, appeals to tradition or history or purely financial motivations

Feel free to recommend additions to this listing, although we will only link to groups that  meet these criteria. Want to be added to the list? Send us an email that describes how your practice meets the points listed above.


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