Good Morning Starshine…

Welcome to the brand-spanking new Fight Sciences Research Institute blog. For readers familiar with our former TKRI blog and identity, you can expect the same high level of quality original research and articles, training information and ideas, discussions, and accurate resources about the fighting arts and sports.

For those just tuning in, FSRI is a collective of experienced martial artists who value the development and training of  practical fighting and self protection skills over historical claims or stylistic identities. We offer training in practical, highly adaptable  fighting and self protection skills developed from our extensive collective experiences in karate, Judo, Aikido, wrestling, violent situations and ongoing research. Fighting and violence are complex phenomena that encompass a wide range of related fields, ranging from  psychology and anatomy to exercise science and motor learning. We are committed to reason-and evidence-based approaches, and  it is a part of our mission to update our beliefs and practices in response to new evidence.  Our individual members  have professional experience in the fields of  education, psychology, personal training, corrective exercise, and Human Movement science, all of which influence our collective approach.

So have a look through our large back catalog of older content and subscribe to the new- we hope that you find ways to improve your training, no matter what your practice is. For more information, please visit our about FSRIand mission statement pages. We welcome input and discussion from practitioners of all fighting arts and sports. Guest contributors are welcome and submissions are encouraged!


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