Link: Athletic Body Diversity Photo Reference

If you spend any time looking at ads for  gyms, fitness fads/gadgets,  or catalogs, you’ll notice a cookie-cutter image that repeats itself over and over: rippling abs, cut groins, peaked biceps, etc.  Many martial arts supply catalogs, advertisements and media persist with the stereotypes described above.   Yet fighting arts are obviously high-demand activities, and the fitness required varies for different levels of participation (hobby, competition) as well as different focuses (wrestling, boxing). The fact is that the demands of a fighter’s activities will dictate how he or she trains, and those two factors will dictate how his or her body adapts in response (along with genetic and morphological factors). So what does the appropriately fit fighting artist look like? Hint: probably not the same as fitness models or body builders.

I stumbled across a very interesting photo collage over on the excellent The photos show various Olympic athletes alongside each other for comparison. For our purposes, notice the contrasts between wrestlers, judoka and boxers.

Athletic body diversity reference for artists



2 responses to “Link: Athletic Body Diversity Photo Reference

  1. Even in the military people from top units do not always look like fitness models.

    Also note- in elite

    Sayeret Golani – Israeli Infantry Recon unit

    Nahal Infantry Reconnaisance

    Israeli Airborne Sappers

    Israeli Airborne Recon

    I personally had a drill sergeant in combat medic school who was chubby and his running gait was so weird looking outrun some of the most fit looking and buff trainees in the company.

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