'TKRI' Is Now The 'Fight Sciences Research Institute'

Readers may have noticed that our focus has evolved over the last couple of years. Initially most of our content was related to karate and other closely related topics. As time has gone by our focus has broadened to include information on a variety of fight training related topics. This has been reflective of our training and interests as an organization as well.

In order to more accurately represent our focus and practice we are changing our name from ‘The Karate Research Institute’ to the ‘Fight Sciences Research Institute’.  It will take us a while to change everything over, but we have now begun. For the time being we will keep the name of this blog the same. Wish us luck on this new chapter in our development.


2 responses to “'TKRI' Is Now The 'Fight Sciences Research Institute'

  1. Good luck. I have enjoyed your blog over the last few years, and some of your posts have given me the inspiration and impetus to make changes to my own training.

    Best of luck and I hope to keep following your future endeavours.

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