Linked Video: Old Sambo Video

I ran across a great video of Russian Sambo training that looks to be from the 1930’s or 40’s. Lots of good throws, leg reaps, arm locks, flying scissor takedowns, and thighs like tree trunks.

And if the first few minutes are any indication, don’t mess with Russian women.



One response to “Linked Video: Old Sambo Video

  1. I am not Mr. Karate

    Russian Sambo changed the face of judo worldwide- although it too was derived originally from Kodokan judo. Sambo is an acronym for SAMoborona Bez Oruzhya- or Self Defense Without Weapons (although that was a misnomer- in military sambo training with knives, entrenching shovels and other weapons was taught also).

    In the 1930s and 40s Spiridonov, Oschepkov and Kharlampiev (all with a judo/jujutsu base) developed self defense systems originally intended for the military. However, out of this came a new sport called borba sambo, or sambo wrestling. This combined old school Kodokan judo with various techniques from the various wrestling styles found in the Soviet Union, such as chidaoba (Georgian jacket wrestling). When the 1964 Olympics introduced judo to the world, the Soviet team (mostly experienced in Sambo) astonished the judo world with their successes.

    A distinct “Russian judo” method came to exist, and it freely adopted throws from sambo (especially the throws from chidaoba) to fit judo rules. Now it is not uncommon to see people gripping in judo tournaments in various methods besides the traditional collar and elbow grips. Even the Khabarelli pickup, a throw adopted from chidaoba has made it into the offical list of accepted throws in international competition.

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