Linked Article: Kids, Head Injuries and the NFL

Dan Rather has written an excellent piece about the dangers of traumatic brain injury amongst primary school-aged participants of sports activities. Highlighted is the data that the NFL itself recently released about the incidence of long-term impairment amongst it’s players, with a discussion of what the information means to coaches and athletes.  The information is just as applicable to teachers and students of martial arts.

The article ends with a bit of advice that any martial arts instructors and students should follow when it comes to a possible concussion:

“When in doubt, sit it out.”

Kids, Head Injuries and the NFL


2 responses to “Linked Article: Kids, Head Injuries and the NFL

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  2. This is similar to the hydration issue with the death of the NFL player that forced an increased awareness that trickled down to kids. The problem with concussions is that some kids either won’t recognize or won’t want to come out of a game if they have experienced some form of head trauma. In youth football kids are taught to lower their shoulders but keep their head up – easy to say but not always easy to do.

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