Linked Article: Rifles for Home Defense

James over at the Hellinahandbasket blog often posts very informative discussions on the merits of handguns vs. rifles and shotguns for home and personal defense. Below is a link to his latest look at this topic, which contains some excellent information about the velocity of handgun and rifle rounds and their ability to penetrate the walls of a typical home:

Rifles for Home Defense


4 responses to “Linked Article: Rifles for Home Defense

  1. Thank you so for the link!

  2. No problem, great piece. The information on penetration of frame-built homes is very interesting to me- I live out in the woods (oh god, starting to sound like a Hank Williams Jr. song) and occasionally do some target shooting with a Ruger 10/22 into a pile of stumps and logs, backed by a clay bank. I often wonder how far a stray high powered .22 round would make it through a stand of smaller trees or the side of a house, as compared to a 9 mm round or .45 round. Talk about the power of guns is often confusing because of statements like “most powerful handgun”- but as you so aptly point out, a good rifle still carries enormous advantages over hand guns. Some neighbors about 600 feet down a steep, wooded hill from my house once got a little loose with the targeting (and likely the liquor) and we heard/saw .22 rounds zipping through the treetops around our house- the bullets obviously made it through the abundance of trees in their way.

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  4. Some good resources on rifle shooting:

    Massad Ayoob’s stuff

    Most of the videos by Paladin Press

    DEADLY FORCE: Firearms, Self Defense, & The Law (EXCELLENT video- saw it in my security officer firearms class)

    DEADLY EFFECTS: Wound Ballistics: What Bullets Do To Bodies

    Lenny Magill’s videos at (very, very thorough for raw beginners- also shows effects of bullets and ammunition on various types of material. I saw his revolver video at my security class also.)


    The Art of the Tactical Carbine

    Dynamic Handgun

    If you want serious training, there are many good tactical training schools in the country.

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