UFC Cashes in “as real as it gets” for "a fun family environment."

I’ve been anticipating this  ever since the letters U, F and C became the default platform for scoffing at any training happening outside of the octagon.

Keep your ears open for the sound of cash registers undercutting the lofty standards of the biggest “no BS” brand out there. How long until we see  “Little Liddell” after school kids programs?

Drum roll, please…

New UFC Gym heralds McDojoization of MMA


One response to “UFC Cashes in “as real as it gets” for "a fun family environment."

  1. Tommy Pressimone

    While I’d rather not see it personally I don’t see it the same way the traditionalists might….as the “haha” moment. However, if I were still training right now I might once again consider moving on. I like doing the things that are “rare” and not many want to do.

    But this doesn’t represent the watering down of MMA or bare any resemblance to the Mcdojo of karate. Boxing has it’s boxercise classes as well as childrens boxing. Both done for exercise and at times discipline. Even boxing gyms have those who train just to stay in shape. It’s common and can be found in other fighting disciplines also including cardio kickboxing. I’ve also seen Muay Thai classes filled at times with woman for a toned down class to lose weight (no fighting).

    The clip and written report below explain clearly that they are not looking to train fighters. Karate Mcdojo lead people to believe they are becoming killing machines. The major thing setting these two apart is that it all comes out in the wash. You have to “fight” to make your name. There is always going to be actual proof to separate the two and that is what keeps boxing valid even with the boxercise classes. It sets the exercise class from the fight class. “Winning.” It will be the same with this new MMA class. They are making it clear that it isn’t a fighting school. Will the market explode with MMA gear etc…it already has due to MMA being on TV. It all doesn’t matter much because once again…the proof is in the fight. Karate suffers because it has yet to prove itself and the Mcdojos claim fighting prowess. This will give people access to the excellent training benefits of MMA without the fighting.

    I think we’re talking apples and oranges here. But then again, I haven’t liked the popularity of MMA for a long time. Too many people doing what “I’m doing.” I felt the same about karate as far back as the 80’s.

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