Linked Article: Sex differences in outcome following sports-related concussion

Interesting article posted on the Journal of Neurosurgery website.

Object. Females comprise an increasing percentage of the athlete population across all age groups, and analysis of recent literature reveals that they sustain more concussions in collegiate sports. Results of human and animal studies indicate that females may have poorer outcomes after traumatic brain injury; however, no return-to-play guideline takes sex or other individual differences into account. In the present study the authors evaluated the influence of patient sex on objective neurocognitive performance and subjective reporting of symptoms following sports-related concussion.

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2 responses to “Linked Article: Sex differences in outcome following sports-related concussion

  1. I remember in my biological anthro class how often human female skulls are less bony than male skulls-

    (but that was a long time ago- biological anthropology was not my speciality) –

  2. I wonder how much of the disparity comes from the fact that men tend to under-report symptoms following injury, especially when their opportunity to continue playing the sport is involved. Women are on average more forthcoming with information about symptoms related to injury.

    Women also have denser neural connections in the frontal lobes and corpus collosum. The frontal lobes are intimately involved in higher cognitive activities and executive functions, and any impairment to them will show up on standard neuropsychological evaluations- I wonder if the higher frequency of cognitive impairment in female athletes has to do with the fact that their denser neural connections means more of a deficit will be noticed following damage from TBI.

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