Recommended Video: Explosive Core Punching Power Exercise

I thought I would post this video. I really like the drill. Have a look.


One response to “Recommended Video: Explosive Core Punching Power Exercise

  1. Real good.
    Funny how we stumble across things.
    I teach at a small club in NZ. I have been advising the lads and lassies not to get too hung up on arm srength. Also that it is not advisable to train on a heavy bag too early in their training carreer. Which might seem strange from one who claims to have trained under Harry 5 years.
    My point is similar to what the young fella on the clip is saying learn the skill first then get the power. This was brought home to me when I injured my shoulder on one side and my elbow on the other (over use of a chainsaw at work). When hitting the pads I was still the one hitting hardest even though I was holding back a bit. All in the hips and legs.
    I often go round getting them to hit me in the gut; two reasons
    1 to help my conditioning and 2. to test their progress.
    I found the hardest hitter of them all was not the big macho lads but a lass who took on the lesson from the word go.

    Great site bythe way keep up the good work

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