More Comparisons: Goju Seisan

My posting of the comparative Goju/Uechi versions of the Seisan kata has prompted the following comment:

“The Seisan version you do is the version Higaonna Morio started teaching in 1977 after he left the Jundokan and hooked up with Aniichi Miyagi. It’s not the Seisan done by the Jundokan (or Higaonna Morio before 1977) Check versions done by Miyazato on Youtube.”

For the sake of comparison, let’s do exactly that!  Below are several clips showing Miyazato in the 1980’s, Miyagi in 2003, and Higaonna in 1975 and again in the 1990’s,  performing the Seisan kata.  If, as the commenter stated, Higaonna changed the kata after leaving the Jundokan in 1977, there should be an appreciable difference between his 1975 version and the more recent one.  Likewise, there should be a difference between Miyagi’s version and Miyazato’s. If you can spot an appreciable difference (beyond age-related factors) among these  renderings or time periods, please share!

Here is Miyazato Eiichi of the Jundokan in 1983:

Morio Higaonna in 1975  (Seisan begins at 1:04):

Morio Higaonna in the 1990’s:

Morio Higaonna’s teacher, An’ichi Miyagi in 2003:


2 responses to “More Comparisons: Goju Seisan

  1. Well being as to how I was there when Higaonna came back from Okinawa and taught the changes to the Yudansha one Sunday afternoon I’m qualified so I will be happy to start this off.

    Miyazaoto – 5 finger jabs
    Higaonna – changed it to three – woah…Bet you never noticed that eh!

    Your turn….

    btw I don’t count An’ichi who is actually copying Higaonna’s version.

  2. That’s not exactly earth-shattering, nor does it give me any reason to view Higaonna or his version as being deficient. In the 1975 clip (before he ‘changed it’) Higaonna does three. Shito Ryu’s version has three, Uechi Ryu’s has five, Ryuei Ryu has five, depending on which Goju groups you watch it’s three or five- so what. If you were there, what else did he change, and is there anything beyond organizational sniping that you can share about his interpretation of the kata?

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