Linked Article: Teen Offers Apology

Sad story on the Straits Times.

The teenager who dealt a fatal kick to his taekwondo opponent last week showed up at the wake on Sunday night to pay his respects.

Accompanied by his parents and sister, the 15-year-old approached the mother of the late Vincent Tan mother, sombre, to offer his apology.

Click here for the rest.

I have to say the kid (unnamed in the article) who delivered the fatal kick seems to be trying to be as respectful and responsible as he can be considering the circumstances.


3 responses to “Linked Article: Teen Offers Apology

  1. Such a “sad” story where both families suffer. In the martial arts “control” is so very important because even in the “sport” versions great injury and as we see here “death” can occur.

    I hope the young person can come back from this tragedy. I hope the parents who lost their child come to understand that this was an “accident” and in reality no one is at fault.

  2. tamarasheehan


    Very sad story. My heart to both the family and the kid (who, I agree, really seems to be trying to do the right thing).

  3. A harsh lesson in the realities of life, violence and training in the martial arts all rolled into one.

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