Comparing Kata: The Seisan/Hangetsu Family

Ryuei-ryu Seisan

Goju-ryu Seisan

Uechi-ryu Seisan

Shito-ryu Seisan

Shotokan Hangetsu

Wado-ryu Seisan

Seibukan Seisan

Isshin-ryu Seisan

Kyudokan Shorin-ryu


2 responses to “Comparing Kata: The Seisan/Hangetsu Family

  1. Karate’s “chicken or the egg” kata. My money is on Ryuei Ryu as the source point for introduction into Okinawa. What I wonder is, did familiarity with that version influence the versions that Higashionna and Uechi learned independently in China, or did they not learn a Chinese version of it, but adapt varied techniques into the embusen of the Ryuei Ryu version of the kata? Was that the primary source of the kata that others mutated, or were there actually different versions that each (Nakaima, Higashionna, Uechi learned?

  2. Charles James

    Hi, I enjoyed the different aspects of the kata “seisan no te” but felt you might need to know that the one you show of Tatsuo Sensei for Isshinryu is considered by Tatsuo Sensei himself as a view of what he called “old man kata”.

    He was very ill, suffering from jet lag, suffering from a diet he was not of accustomed, and other things. He later expressed his regret at doing the two sets of 8mm film.

    He laughed when he talked of this with a first generation student of his asked by saying, “if they do kata that way in states they do old man kata”, and then laughed.



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