Links for Skeptics

  • Anti-oxidants nullify some benefits of exercise?
  • Crank, crank, crank. (Careful what you say about this one, the British Chiropractic Association is getting litigious over Singh’s use of the word “bogus” and one of the weirder aspects of the case: the point of contention doesn’t appear to be over whether the BCA is making false claims, but over whether they’re making false claims deliberately. If I were their press officer, I’m not sure I would have advised them to get into this one.)
  • Michael Pollan: In Defence of Food This is a great book, but if you have any faith left in the claims of nutritional science, it’ll tear it to shreds. Really, if you had any trust left at all it’ll make you sad. (“Wait! All that milk/bran/low-fat X, for nothing?!) But you should read it anyway.
  • I’ll try to post something less nihilistic soon…


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