Seiko Toyama sensei

Uechi Ryu pioneer Seiko Toyama has passed away at the age of 81. Toyama sensei was the last remaining practitioner to have trained directly under Kanbun Uechi. The first time I saw a video of him demonstrating kata I thought “wow, I can only hope that I’m in that kind of shape and moving like that if I ever get to his age.” Our condolences go out to his family and students.


Click here to watch a video of his performance of  Sanseiryu kata.


4 responses to “Seiko Toyama sensei

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  2. Very sad to hear of his passing. I had an opportunity to meet and train with him in ’92. Very sad day.
    Watch Kung Fu!



  4. Ramindu Randeni

    I salute this great Sensei. I was dreaming to be at his sight and train with him one day in Okinawa and now that dream is broken. But I will definitely one day visit to Okinawa and train with the other remaining Senseis. I live in London and has no way of training Uechi Ryu with any one. There are some useless tastless bunch train Uechi ryu and I dont wanna go train with them.

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