Odd News

When we first started this blog, I thought that it might be interesting to have a weekly round-up of karate-related news stories, and link to the stories in question. More fool me, of course. I quickly discovered that putting worlds like “karate” and “martial art” into google’s “news” search engine produces exactly three kinds of story:

  • Team Ninja from the Shinburyukankwon ha dojo in Springfield competing/competed/brought home the medals in the Labatt’s Mighty Warrior Tournament
  • Local 4 year old makes blackbelt!

And the depressingly common:

  • Area Karate master found guilty of sexual molestation

Yay karate. Giving your child PTSD since 1996.

But this week the world is a little stranger.


2 responses to “Odd News

  1. In high school a teacher told me how when he went to a Catholic boy’s school they would hand quarreling boys boxing gloves and let them duke it out.

    Wierd, movies are slowly turning into real life (Never Back Down meets Gladiator meets The Substitute)

  2. Yeah, karate doesn’t have the most stellar showing in the news. I’ve been doing the random search on google news for a few years now, and everything pretty much falls exactly into the three categories you discovered- there seem to never be any shortage of pederast “karate’ teachers making the headlines.

    Re the news link, there was also a home for the mentally disabled in Texas that made the news two weeks ago for running a fight club with it’s resident patients- while the staff watched and took bets. It makes me wonder exactly who the “mentally disabled” ones are in that hospital- staff or residents.

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