Link: Listing of historical Karate figures

Visit this page for a concise listing of notable Okinawan karate figures. The information is brief but accurate, includes information on some rather lesser known figures, and there are links to a very useful appendix of Ryukyuan feudal social rankings.


3 responses to “Link: Listing of historical Karate figures

  1. Gillian Russell

    That does look useful. I wonder why Azato isn’t mentioned when they list Funakoshi’s teachers?

  2. Not sure- that’s a paradox I don’t quite get. The author may have simply been going by the available source information. The Big F himself states all over the place in Nyumon, Koyhan and his bio that Azato was his principal teacher, but then goes on to talk far more about Itosu. I wonder if part of that may have been because Azato went to Tokyo with the Sho family when they were exiled following annexation by Japan- but Itosu stayed in Okinawa, giving Funakoshi more exposure to his instruction. But multiple sources also make it obvious that Funakoshi likely did not learn the Pinan kata from Itosu himself, and picked these up later (in Japan) from Mabuni. All three men were fairly pro-Japanese, so I doubt the lack of mention was due to any political disagreements.

  3. Gillian Russell

    I exchanged emails with the author of the list. He says: “Thanks for the information. I am aware of Azato. Unfortunately, my ISP has been sold several times and one of the purchasers blocked the web site from being changed several years ago. I should put up a revised web site on another ISP.” Oh well.

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