Random Associations 4: Yogic Flying and Ki Attacks


2 responses to “Random Associations 4: Yogic Flying and Ki Attacks

  1. As idiotic as the people in these videos may be, I can’t really fault them for their lack of common sense. But I grind my teeth over the way that History Channel, Discovery Channel and the BBC present this crap in a way that lends it credence.

    Take the kiai video. Here we have a guy with a fashion sense that would make Devo proud, shouting at people and doing bad yoga- no major problem there. But we are treated to the scene of him “stopping” the complicit student with the sword multiple times, in slow motion and with special effects added! Throw in the BS about not doing it to anyone more than twice, and some pseudo-scientific talk about the sound of muscles, and suddenly he seems like a credible martial artist. What about some scenes of him going up against a large muscular, non-complicit student? Or how about hooking someone up to EEG/EKG monitors to see if their heart is really about to stop? And how many times did he see Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker” before he set up shop?

    As for the yogic flying people…don’t drink the Kool-Aid, head for the door when the black Nikes come out…

  2. Adam is not Mr. Karate

    Now for something completely different-

    Rapidfire Bow And Arrow vs Ninja Hordes in Turkey!

    Turkish Ninja Make Use of Goofy Performed Kata to Obliterate Enemies!

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