Sanchin to the 4th power

Comparative demonstrations of Sanchin kata and it’s Chinese relatives at last year’s Budosai.  Everyone’s favorite Geordie, Harry Cook provides part of the commentary. I believe our own Gillian Russell was in attendance for this event.


4 responses to “Sanchin to the 4th power

  1. Adam is not Mr. Karate

    Interesting- side by side comparisons- and one can start to ask good research questions from here-

    also the Kyokushinkaikan karate style’s fighting stance is formed by assuming sanchin then slightly moving the feet and hands- allows for a natural stance able to move in all 8 directions.

    Alexander Co in his book 5 Ancestor Fist Kung Fu says that Pangai Noon sounds like a corruption of an expression common in that area or to his style, its been so long since I read this book.

  2. Watching these four versions reminds me that it’s not just what someone does in kata, but how they do it, that gives you an indication as to what tactics are being represented.

    I can’t recall the source, but I remember reading that Pangai is a term with no direct correlates in surviving southern Chinese martial arts (maybe Bishop: Okinawan Karate…) It is possible that the term was used by Kanbun used to refer to the conglomerate of his learning from the Kojo family, Shushiwa, and the likely third source of his training, and not an actual name of a specific style.

  3. Adam is not Mr. Karate

    Alexander Co (teacher of Ngo Cho Kun) in his book says that the phrase Pangai Noon reminds him of is pgan-ngai (sp?) and it simply refers to a martial saying or motto or axiom (forgive me, I have not read his book in a couple years) but it is definately not a name of a style, just like Bishop says.

    Meibukan Magazine has more on the history of Goju and associated systems- for those who are interested

  4. great video! I included some of my own commentary about it here –

    Keep up the great finds.

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