Head Injury Link

BBC news article covering a new study on the long term effects of concussion.


4 responses to “Head Injury Link

  1. This is the biggest problem pointed out in the article:

    “While some minor head injuries can result in no problems, others can cause sustained problems over several months and too many people are discharged from hospital after minor head injuries without being given sufficient information on the potentially long-term effects.”

    Basically, if you can breathe and walk on your own, out the door you go, usually with no info whatsoever on what to be on the watch for. This is a complete disservice, as current research confirms that some damage may be slowly ongoing over a period of weeks or months after the initial injury (“sustained damage over several months”). There a a number of things from diet, specific medicines and therapies that have been shown to have a neuroprotective effect on damaged brain cells (e. cannabanoid therapy being one that shows promise), as well as the healthy ones around them, which may be degraded by the body’s efforts as controlling the damage. The popular memory supplement Gingko is actually counter indicated to head trauma patients because it potentially has a role in spreading micro cellular damage.

    Keep your noggins safe!

  2. Adam is not Mr. Karate

    In the boxing gym I went to headgear was always worn in sparring practice, and there was constant supervision. The goal is not full blown KOs but to train sparring (unlike football, you are basically using your entire body as a weapon to block or tackle your opponent)

  3. Repeated blows to the head and face still add up, headgear or not. Since the brain is such a complex and sensitive organ, 50 light shots to the head might cause as much damage as 50 medium shots. 1 + 1 do not equal 2 with brain injuries- 2 concussions might not cause any serious long term damage at all to one person, but to another it might be the cause of major deficits.

  4. Adam is not Mr. Karate

    A Japanese karate organization came up with a new style of headgear that seems to work even in full MMA competition- the Daidojuku organization’s training is more MMA style, and also the Koshiki Karatedo use an earlier version of it- it might provide more safer head protection because it protects the entire face.

    That may be an answer to combat future brain damage.

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