Roanoke Okinawan Karate School: Thanks!

I’d like to extend a very big thank you to the folks at the Roanoke Okinawan Karate School.  I’ve been able to visit  Doug Bleecker sensei and his students from Roanoke and VA Tech a few times this fall/winter to pick their brains about the Uechi Sanchin and Sesan kata, and Uechi Ryu in general. Each time they have welcomed me into their dojo with a friendly attitude and spirited training. Bleecker sensei and a couple of his students attended our November seminar with Robert Miller at Ferrum College  and helped to make it a big success. The open  sharing of ideas and technique has been very valuable to me, and I look forward to more such exchanges.

I feel fortunate to have made a connection with yet another group of  down-to-earth folks who just happen to enjoy whacking on each other- and who don’t let a style blindfold them to the rest of the karate world.

If you’re in the Roanoke Virginia area and you’re interested in authentic Uechi Ryu, or just a good group of people to train with, look them up.

Visit their website here


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