Can your training handle…this?


I’ll let this one speak for itself…the bottom caption just kills me. It’s amazing what we can find when looking through old cornball MA magazines…


3 responses to “Can your training handle…this?

  1. Hojo jitsu Spidey…

    ur doin it wrong.

  2. Adam says, Seriously, I am not Mr. Karate.

    Emil Farkas (the guy on the right) ran a stunt school? I had no idea.

    btw stunt training is good- superb ukemi skills one will indeed develop

    Tony Jaa is is now the king of stunt choreography-

    There are several stages in development of fight choreography

    1. Chop Block Chop Block Clang Clang (Fairbanks) or Wrestle and Wild Haymaker (John Wayne)
    2. Early Karate (Ed Parker, David Carradine)
    2.5 Chang Cheh (Block Parry Pow)
    3. Ping Pong (Bruce Lee)
    4. Yuen Woo Ping v.1 (Jacky Chan’s early classics)
    4.5 Gritty hash and bash (Excalibur, Romeo and Juliet – William Hobbs)
    5. Jacky Chan (80s and early 90s)
    5.5 Jet Li in Shaolin Temple (no wires)
    6 Wire fu! (Crouching Stuntmen Hidden Profits)
    7 Yuen Woo Ping goes West
    8 Tony Jaa (Ong Bak)

  3. Caption:

    “Karate: Because even Spider Man assaults people for crack money.”

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