Rainy Day Training #2 and #3

Kakiya training

A bit of the old up and down.

Hojo undo cat stance

My One-Eyed Tomcat Boxing style teacher, Genghis, inspecting the Hojo Undo gear.


3 responses to “Rainy Day Training #2 and #3

  1. I really envy your workout space! I wish I still had the space to do that, but after moving from the middle of nowhere in Illinois to the middle of the city in Arizona, I just don’t have the space–or the trees! Looks like a pretty nice setup you have, and I have seen some pretty mean feline boxers, so I’m sure you will learn a lot from Genghis 😛

  2. Yes, I have the good fortune to be a live in deshi of 6 different Cat Boxing masters…if you’re ever in VA, come on out!

  3. Adam says, Seriously, I am not Mr. Karate.

    One must truly master it if you must combat Rat Style Kungfu 😀

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