"100 Burpee Workout" Link and our Kagami Biraki

Every year TKRI clubs host special training sessions called kagami biraki. These roughly coincide with the Chinese New Year. We usually perform a kata 108 times and do various partner drills 108 times as well. Typically we add 108 sit ups, push ups, squats, lunges, and other miseries to the mix. I think this may be a good year for the Saint Louis club to add 108 burpees to the fun.

We usually collect food to donate to a local food bank or find some other way to help a local charity. We do this in lieu of charging a training fee. We have collected over a ton of canned goods over the years. It has always seemed to me that there is more “character” development to be realized in one food drive than in a hundred recitations of the dojo kun.

Sometimes we have special guests give presentations. Dave Lowry has been kind enough to present several times in the past. By the end of the day we are all puddles of karate goo. Exhaustion makes for great camaraderie so we often end up at a nearby restaurant to share food and beer (see we really are a karate group).

If you would like to know more about what is involved in a proper kagami biraki ( I am not claiming ours are particularly proper) follow this link to the article “Kagami Biraki: Renewing the Spirit” by Christopher Caile on the “Fighting Arts.com site.

We are only beginning to plan for this coming year’s kagami biraki. Once things take shape a little more I will pass the details along. Until then, if you are thinking about joining the fun you may want to follow this link to an article called the “100 Burpee Workout” and start preparing. Click Here to see the article.


3 responses to “"100 Burpee Workout" Link and our Kagami Biraki

  1. Adam says, Seriously, I am not Mr. Karate.

    We might turn into The Lions Den Missouri if we train this way lol 🙂

    from http://www.kenshamrock.com

    Historically, The Lion’s Den is known for its brutal try-outs because once accepted into the Den, the members would live in Ken’s home having their dinner provided by Shamrock. Ken needed to make sure only the best got through. The try out consisted of the following:

    * 500 squats
    * 200 push ups
    * 200 sit ups
    * Sprints while carrying a man of near equal weight on their back
    * 2-mile run with a man of equal weight on your back
    * Repeated runs up and down bleacher steps
    * Bear-crawls up steep hills
    * Lugging heavy barrels of water and sand bags up steep hills

    The candidates who were still left at this point would then go on to do as many pull-ups as they can without stopping.

    From there, the candidates went to the actual Lion’s Den facility for several hours of sparring. Shamrock wanted fighters that could get through this ordeal without quitting, even after their body had failed on them. It was at this point, when the candidate was still trying even long after their muscles had failed, that Shamrock knew he had a Lion’s Den member on his hands.

  2. Mmm, UFC cult boarding-house for Boys Who Want to Be Cock-Fighters.

    I think we’ll leave that one to you, Adam.

  3. I am afraid I have little hope of meeting Mr. Shamrock’s standards. I am just hoping to make it through this coming years Kagami Biraki in one piece. It gets harder every year (getting older is so unfair).

    About an hour into practice I give up hoping to become Superman and start focusing on surviving until I get beer. After training, about three beers into the afterparty, I start thinking that I really was Superman for the day and this thought carries me along for about a week.

    When my muscles finally quit screaming at me it is usually time for me to begin the time honored karate tradition of embellishing the experience by somehow recollecting that I covertly added another couple sets of squats/kata/push ups/whatever to the fun.

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