Link: Old-school karate throws

Mario McKenna has posted a few excerpts on his blog from Itoman Seijin’s 1934 book “Toudi no Kenyu” or “The Study of Tang Boxing.” These excerpts and the accompanying photos depict a variety of karate throwing techniques taught before WW2 (readers may note the similarity to the throws shown in Funakoshi’s first two books). For many modern students, karate is strictly a striking art- however, sources such as these make it clear that karate was historically intended to address all aspects of fighting, not just the match-type duel.   The throwing techniques shown should be familiar to anyone with a background in Judo or the myriad types of catch-wrestling found worldwide. Enjoy!

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One response to “Link: Old-school karate throws

  1. Pretty cool-

    If only Ron Van Clief realized that throws and grappling are vital and part of his art’s curriculum (he trained Goju and other styles of karate) he might have had a better chance vs Royce Gracie, and would not have dared to launch a kick at him. Once he was on the ground, Van Clief was toast.

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