Monkey Style

Upper body conditioning - the fun way.

Well, perhaps a little too much monkey, and not enough style: upper-body strength training, the fun way.


7 responses to “Monkey Style

  1. Here’s where this could lead;


    And remember bananas have a lot of potassium.

  2. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you stay away from the Neverland Ranch style…

  3. Gillian Russell

    Great! So I can expect a hyper-efficient metabolism, biceps of steel and,… really scary teeth.

    I can’t help being amused by the idea of someone trying that on an animal that will actually kick offensively (instead of just in play.) Like this one, for example:

    I’ll fight the TKD chimp over untrained Skippy any day (though I’d be a bit wary of the teeth!)

  4. This seems like it belongs here;

  5. But what if the monkey isn’t trained? Then you need to bring in the real firepower…or should I say, glitter power…

    *note to self: must work on weapons-usable food skills…

  6. Gillian Russell

    TKD chimps, kangaroo vs. Marty the monster, Liz Taylor … looking back it was hard to identify the exact moment the thread went south…

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